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Growing up in a small town‚ Aspen Willow was no different than many other horse crazy little girls‚ unable to think of anything else. When she wasn’t daydreaming about having her very own pony‚ she was filling her sketch pad with drawings of horses or reading every horse book she could get her hands on. Because her parents didn’t have a place or the money to keep a horse‚ Aspen would count down the days every summer‚ excitedly awaiting the return of the annual county fair where it only cost one dollar for a pony ride.

It wasn’t until she was an adult that Aspen finally became a horse owner‚ buying her own farm and her very first horse. Her horse riding dream was long–awaited‚ but one that she is still living today. She rides a black Kentucky Mountain Horse named Smokey. Much of her spare time is spent hauling her horses all over the state to enjoy the many beautiful sights from horseback. When children come to visit Aspen‚ she enjoys taking them for cart rides with her lovely Appaloosa miniature pony‚ Sadie.

Becoming a journalist was another dream that Aspen considered pursuing in college‚ but when she discovered her love for teaching‚ she put her writing goals on hold.  She believes that following this career path was the right decision for her.  Aspen feels that being an elementary school teacher has aided her success in crafting engaging stories with compelling characters that children find exciting and can easily relate to.  Every day when she walks into her classroom‚ she is surrounded by inspiration. She also volunteered as a 4H leader‚ sharing her own personal horses with children who also felt the same passion for the equine breed‚ but weren’t lucky enough to have a pony of their own. Being her own biggest advocate for horses everywhere‚ she volunteered at numerous horse shows and hosted many 4H events at her farm‚ inviting local veterinarians‚ farriers‚ trainers and many other horse enthusiasts who had something educational to offer to the little horse lovers in her 4H group. In 2014‚ she decided that it was finally time to combine her love of writing and her passion for horses and began writing short novels for young horse lovers.
–a Kelpie and Moonbeam Series– was born!

Today‚ Aspen lives in the mountains of PA where she can usually be found doing something in nature.  She is married and has two sons. Some of her other interests include river kayaking and playing the guitar. When she’s not writing children’s stories or hiking‚ she and Smokey can be found blazing new trails in the hills near her home.

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