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The Dream Pony

****UPDATE:  The Dream Pony has been announced as a FINALIST in the Golden Quill Writing Contest!****

****Yet more Great News!  Kelpie and Moonbeam’s Big Surprise AND The Unlucky Getaway have BOTH been announced as semi-finalists in the Golden Book Awards!****   The finalists will be announced at the end of Jan. 2018!  Fingers crossed!


Special thanks to Golden Box Books Publishing for choosing my story- yet again!


Rave Reviews!

—-Here is what some readers had to say—-

“Just finished The Dream Pony and let’s just say I LOVED IT!  The imagery used was amazing!  It felt like I was there right beside Kelpie on her amazing adventure!  Thanks for writing such an awesome book!”

“I am in love with Moonbeam after the first chapter!  I would recommend this book to any child who loves adventure stories!  I can’t wait for the next book in the series!”

“I purchased this book for my niece, who is a huge horse lover.  Easy to read.  It’s obvious the author is very knowledgeable about horses.  Looking forward to more work published by this author.”


–a Kelpie and Moonbeam Series– (Book 1) The Dream Pony; (Book 2) Kelpie and Moonbeam’s Big Surprise;  (Book 3) The Unlucky Getaway;  (Book 4) Nickers & Neighs–ARE NOW AVAILABLE! 

All Books in -A Kelpie and Moonbeam’s  Series- are now available on

–a Kelpie and Moonbeam Series– is a sequential collection of short novels for young horse lovers.

New release- ‘C’ is for Chincoteague Pony:  An Assateague Island Alphabet is due to release in March!

–a Kelpie and Moonbeam Series– (Book 1-4) All Available Now

The Unlucky Getaway- Available Now!

All books in -A Kelpie and Moonbeam Series- are now available at


Keep your eyes open for ‘C’ is for Chincoteague Pony: An Assateague Island Alphabet-another exciting and terrific read!

Nickers & Neighs– Now available!

Current works:

Horses of Gettysburg- Non-Fiction

Winston the Scaredy-Horse Goes on a Cattle Drive- Level 2 Reader

Pony Party Surprise- Level 2 Reader

Have You Had Your Daily Dose of Dinosaur Slobber Today?- STEM Based Reader

‘H’ is for Hunting Season- A Young Hunter’s Alphabet

More in Illustration!



Q & A section

All Books in -A Kelpie and Moonbeam Series- are now available!


Hello Everyone!

Here we are crashing into 2018 with so many new exciting announcements!

First off…

I want to thank all of the bookstores and Festivals that have hosted me through the year 2017!  You have all given me a tremendous boost into 2018!  Because of you all, I have gained hundreds of new readers!

I am so excited to tell you all about the new books that I am currently working on!

So many of you have come up to me at book signing events and have asked if I plan to do any writing for boys.   And the answer is YES!

—I have just recently finished a book called:  ‘H’ is for Hunting Season – A Young Hunter’s Alphabet.  This book is currently with publishers for consideration.

—I have just finished working on a book called:  ‘C’ is for Chincoteague Pony’-An Assateague Island Alphabet!  This book was inspired by an invitation by The Museum of Chincoteague Island!

My Current Works

I am currently working on a non-fiction piece about The Horses of Gettysburg.  This book is filled with lots of interesting facts about the -often times forgotten heroes of the Civil War- The horses that gave up their lives by the millions!  I have also filled the pages with interesting facts about the Generals and their most, well-known and famous mounts!   Title Still Pending…  I hope to have this book finished by the end of March 2018 so that I can send it out to publishers for consideration.

—Another piece of literature that I am currently working on is a Children’s Guide to Horse Health and Care.  This book will be a very thorough guide to Horse Ownership dedicated to children who are first-time horse owners.  Title Still Pending…

—I am also working on a book called:  ‘W’ is for ‘Women of the Civil War’.  This book is filled with interesting and sometimes crazy, stories of the many women who served in the Civil War.

—I have just completed a STEM based work currently with illustrators- More to come!

—I decided to start a set of Easy Level Readers.  Pony Party Surprise is currently in illustration with an Illustrator in Australia- Amy Curran.  Winston the Scaredy-Horse Goes on a Cattle Drive is finished and waiting to enter illustration.

—I have many other great book ideas and plan to continue expanding my writing genre to include some non-fiction works.

SOME ESPECIALLY EXCITING NEWS:  So, when this whole writing adventure began for me three years ago, it was because of a Contemporary (Sweet) Romance novel that I penned, some of which was based on my own life.    Who would have thought I was all that interesting…But the novel was bid on by 19 editors and that particular story was the work that started me down the road to where I am today.  After some serious soul searching, I decided to send this novel off to publishers for consideration a few months ago and have had a very positive response to the story because of it’s exciting twist!  We are still reworking the plot and getting it ready for release!  I can’t decide which I like writing better–Children’s Books or Contemporary (Sweet) Romance!  So, I have decided to experiment a little with BOTH!  There will be more about this later in the summer of 2018! 🙂


Book Signing Events:

Jan. 13 (2018)- Fire & Ice- Somerset, PA (1-3)

March 1-4 (2018)- PA Horse World Expo- Harrisburg, PA  (Thurs.-Sun.)

After the March book- signing event, I am taking a short break to focus my spare time on my writing…Book Signings are scheduled to pick back up again at the start of July with a hopeful invite to BookFest PA!

KEEP THE QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS ROLLING IN!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HEARING FROM ALL OF YOU!  I will pick up with posting your questions and my responses to my blog again in the near future.


Keep Reading!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

 ****UPDATE:  The Dream Pony has been announced as a FINALIST in the Golden Quill Award Contest!****

****More Great News in 2018:  Kelpie and Moonbeam’s Big Surprise AND The Unlucky Getaway are BOTH currently semi-finalists in The Golden Book Awards!!  Finalists announced in January 2018!


Jan. 13 (2018)- FIRE & ICE– Somerset, PA  Young Hearts Books & Toys- (1:00-3:00)

March 1-4 (2018)- Horseworld Expo-Harrisburg, PA- Farm Show Complex

Thank You to Bedford Fall Festival Committee for hosting me during your Oct. 7-8 event!  I had an AMAZING weekend and I would like to thank the hundreds who have become new Kelpie and Moonbeam fans!  I hope you love the story as much as I loved writing it!

Very Special Thank You to Pages and Light, Somerset, PA for hosting me at your Ebensburg, PA store location!  The Potato Festival was a lot of fun and I was so excited to make so many new friends and gain so many new readers!

Very Special Thank You to Pages and Light, Somerset, PA for hosting me for the release of my new book- Kelpie and Moonbeam’s Big Surprise and for inviting me to join you during the Scarecrow Festival event.  I had a wonderful time!

Special Thank you to Ag Progress Days for a fun three days!  Got to meet lots of wonderful new readers and friends!

Special Thank you to The Museum of Chincoteague Island for hosting me on July 27! 

I had the most wonderful vacation on the Island and seeing the famous pony swim in person was just amazing!  I want to thank The Museum of Chincoteague Island for hosting me and giving me the opportunity to meet so many great new friends!

Special Thank you to Sundial Books and The Museum of Chincoteague Island for making my book available in your store. 


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Keep an eye out for the next contest –The Animal Lovers Pack

I have compiled a small collection of 5 well–known children’s authors‚ such as Junie B. Jones‚ Amelia Bedelia and more. Each book will feature a story about animals! I will also be including a signed copy of my own book– The Dream Pony. The winner of this contest will receive their prize in a canvas bag with my logo‚ along with your new books and a few other “goodies” that I throw in just for you!

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UPDATE:  I had the most wonderful time at Berlin Community Days on July  8 and met so many great people!  Thanks for hosting me and I look forward to returning next year!

I want to extend a special thank you to Young Hearts Books and Toys, located in Somerset, PA for  hosting me on June 3 for their Grand Opening!  I had a wonderful time and was so please to see so many familiar faces!

If you have not yet picked up your copy of The Dream Pony, get it now so that you can get to know Kelpie and her friends and are ready for the adventure to continue with the release of (Book 2)- Kelpie and Moonbeam’s Big Surprise-(Book 3) The Unlucky Getaway-(Book 4) Nickers & Neighs-ALL AVAILABLE NOW!!

You can purchase –The Dream Pony– on

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to talk to you again soon!

Thank you for stopping by to see me! Keep Reading and Happy Trails!


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