Kelpie and Moonbeam’s Big Surprise…


Kelpie Harper doesn’t think she will ever be able to truly consider any other place as her home when her parents tell her that they are packing up and leaving the city for a move to the country.  Buying a beautiful cottage in the woods, Kelpie’s parents surprise her with the bittersweet news that she is going to be her grandmother’s new neighbor.  As exciting as it will be to visit her grandma every day, she can’t imagine leaving behind her friends, her school, and all that she has ever known as home.  But the move becomes more enticing when Kelpie realizes that instead of having to wait for a visit to her grandmother’s farm to spend time with her beloved pony, now she will be able to ride Moonbeam anytime she wishes.

But when Moonbeam starts slowing down on the trails, no one seems to know what is wrong.  When the local veterinarian informs Grandma that Moonbeam needs some time off from riding, Kelpie’s parents surprise her with the news that she is going away with Teagan to pony camp!  Riding with real cowboys at the Whistling Winds Dude Ranch, pony camp turns out to be everything that Kelpie expected and more!

Though she is warned to stay away from one of the rowdy ponies on the ranch, Kelpie vows to ride Rebel to prove that he isn’t as bad as everyone thinks.  But sabotaged by one of the other girls in the club, when Kelpie climbs on Rebel’s back for the first time, the pony bolts from the arena and the two become hopelessly lost in the Montana wilds!

After battling quick sand beds, fighting their way out of a rattlesnake den, and almost losing their lives to a pride of hungry cougars, Kelpie and Rebel are forever joined at the heart.  But when Kelpie’s parents blame Rebel for their daughter’s plight and tell her that she must give the pony up to the meat buyer at the auction, she is forced to do something daring to save Rebel’s life!

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