Nickers and Neighs…


Kelpie hasn’t seen her best friend, Lizzy since she moved to the country almost two years ago, so what better way to spend her summer vacation than to invite Lizzy for a visit.

Kelpie’s thrilled that she and Lizzy will have two full weeks to spend with her new ponies, Moonbeam and Rebel, and to ride all over the trails behind Grandma Hattie’s cabin in the country. But when Lizzy shows up wearing a dress and sandals with polished toes and claiming that she isn’t interested in ponies anymore, Kelpie soon realizes that Lizzy isn’t the same horse-crazy friend that she remembered.

Kelpie could always count on Teagan to help entertain Lizzy. She was sure that they would hit it off, but to make matters worse, Teagan is out of town with her family for these two weeks, leaving Kelpie to figure out how to make friends all over again with her BFF, who she vowed never to forget.


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