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Hello Everyone!

Here we are crashing into 2018 with so many new exciting announcements!

First off…

I want to thank all of the bookstores and Festivals that have hosted me through the year 2017!  You have all given me a tremendous boost into 2018!  Because of you all, I have gained hundreds of new readers!

I am so excited to tell you all about the new books that I am currently working on!

So many of you have come up to me at book signing events and have asked if I plan to do any writing for boys.   And the answer is YES!

—I have just recently finished a book called:  ‘H’ is for Hunting Season – A Young Hunter’s Alphabet.  This book is currently with publishers for consideration.

—I have just finished working on a book called:  ‘C’ is for Chincoteague Pony’-An Assateague Island Alphabet!  This book was inspired by an invitation by The Museum of Chincoteague Island!

My Current Works

I am currently working on a non-fiction piece about The Horses of Gettysburg.  This book is filled with lots of interesting facts about the -often times forgotten heroes of the Civil War- The horses that gave up their lives by the millions!  I have also filled the pages with interesting facts about the Generals and their most, well-known and famous mounts!   Title Still Pending…  I hope to have this book finished by the end of March 2018 so that I can send it out to publishers for consideration.

—Another piece of literature that I am currently working on is a Children’s Guide to Horse Health and Care.  This book will be a very thorough guide to Horse Ownership dedicated to children who are first-time horse owners.  Title Still Pending…

—I am also working on a book called:  ‘W’ is for ‘Women of the Civil War’.  This book is filled with interesting and sometimes crazy, stories of the many women who served in the Civil War.

—I have just completed a STEM based work currently with illustrators- More to come!

—I decided to start a set of Easy Level Readers.  Pony Party Surprise is currently in illustration with an Illustrator in Australia- Amy Curran.  Winston the Scaredy-Horse Goes on a Cattle Drive is finished and waiting to enter illustration.

—I have many other great book ideas and plan to continue expanding my writing genre to include some non-fiction works.

SOME ESPECIALLY EXCITING NEWS:  So, when this whole writing adventure began for me three years ago, it was because of a Contemporary (Sweet) Romance novel that I penned, some of which was based on my own life.    Who would have thought I was all that interesting…But the novel was bid on by 19 editors and that particular story was the work that started me down the road to where I am today.  After some serious soul searching, I decided to send this novel off to publishers for consideration a few months ago and have had a very positive response to the story because of it’s exciting twist!  We are still reworking the plot and getting it ready for release!  I can’t decide which I like writing better–Children’s Books or Contemporary (Sweet) Romance!  So, I have decided to experiment a little with BOTH!  There will be more about this later in the summer of 2018! 🙂


Book Signing Events:

Jan. 13 (2018)- Fire & Ice- Somerset, PA (1-3)

March 1-4 (2018)- PA Horse World Expo- Harrisburg, PA  (Thurs.-Sun.)

After the March book- signing event, I am taking a short break to focus my spare time on my writing…Book Signings are scheduled to pick back up again at the start of July with a hopeful invite to BookFest PA!

KEEP THE QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS ROLLING IN!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HEARING FROM ALL OF YOU!  I will pick up with posting your questions and my responses to my blog again in the near future.


Keep Reading!