The Unlucky Getaway…


Eva Mason doesn’t think life will ever be the same after having to sell her pony for a move to a new town. But once she gets settled in at the guest house on Grandma Hattie’s ranch, Kelpie and Teagan quickly take Eva under their wing and Eva’s world suddenly turns around.

When the girls decide to volunteer at the local rescue stable, Tom puts Eva in charge of rehabilitating one of the worst rescue cases that have come through Second Ride Rescue Stable in a very long time.

Together, Eva and Lucky both heal from the inside out and Eva’s life is finally feeling normal again. That is, until Lucky’s previous owner shows up at Tom’s stable inquiring about buying Lucky back for his granddaughter who is moving back to town.

Together, Kelpie, Teagan and Eva come up with a dangerous plan to keep Tom from selling Lucky. But will the girls end up doing the right thing, even if it means that Eva has to give Lucky up all over again?


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